Most drain cleaning companies are experienced in completing small jobs in single resident homes. However, for a larger structure like an apartment, only experienced drainage cleaners with certain tools can efficiently clean the drains and maintain sewer or septic tanks. The main drain problems for apartments include debris clogging the main sewer line. For you to address such large scale plumbing issues, unique equipment is needed. At Drain Daddy, our experts can handle drains and sewer systems for single home units as well as apartments. Our experts have not only the expertise but also special equipment for handling apartment sewer lines. 

We are equipped to handle multiple lateral lines feeding into large sewer lines from other units. In apartment buildings, drain and sewer line clogging often result when grease builds up in the sewer lines. Clogged drains may be particularly hectic in an apartment building where kitchen sinks connect with garbage disposals. To take care of clogs in the mainline, our experts use the specialized high-pressure jetting systems. It may not be possible to clear clogged drains in an apartment using a sewer snake or a regular auger.  

If you need drain cleaning services in your apartment building, our experts at Drain Daddy can evaluate the entire plumbing system in your apartment. Our experts will identify the problem areas and clean the drain system thoroughly. We are always available 24/7 for every drain cleaning and sewer/septic maintenance services you may need.  

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