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Is your garbage disposal a little “grumpy” lately? Is it making weird, loud noises when you turn it on? Odds are you have a clogged garbage disposal and if it isn’t unclogged, will lead to costly repairs.

At best your garbage disposal needs cleaning and unclogged if it is making noises or has come to a “buzzing” standstill. But what a lot of people don’t realize is it can lead to expensive plumbing issues if it isn’t properly maintained.

In most cases, a repair and cleaning or even a replacement done now can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future.
Drain Daddy is the expert unclogging service you need right now.

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Anyone can end up with clogged disposal. Things like cooking grease or corn shucks are typical culprits. However, tiny pieces of metal from pop cans, drinking straws, or sponges can also bring your disposal to a standstill.

Drain Daddy has decades of experience unclogging garbage disposals in Inverness and the greater central Florida region. We’ve seen it all and can fix it all! And it doesn’t matter what time you need us. We’ll be there.

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Proper unclogging and regular maintenance of your garbage disposal will add years to its life and save you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in the long run. Contact us today and we’ll arrive promptly to make sure your disposal and plumbing are safe and secure.

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