Are you seeking professional drain cleaning and sewer/septic maintenance for your residential property? You can count on Drain Daddy for excellent yet affordable drain cleaning services. Our highly experienced and certified experts can identify and properly diagnose the source of a clog. If you have a foul smell in your house and you do not know its source, the chances are high that you have a clog. Our experts can trace the source of the foul smell and help you fix the problem. We offer a wide range of drain cleaning services, including bathroom drain cleaning. Bathroom drain is susceptible to clogs because it is easy for hair, soap, and other grime to accumulate in the drain. 

Drain Daddy also offers kitchen drain cleaning to ensure that your kitchen is comfortable and functional. Just like bathroom drains, kitchen drains are prone to clogging. The clogs mainly result when soap, grease, food, and fat build-up in the drains. Our experts are armed with a precision sink machine that enables them to cut through the clog and clear any debris from the drains. Some residential properties also have basement drains. A residential property may also have drains in the laundry area or driveways. These drains may get clogs due to the accumulation of leaves, dirt, and other debris. Our experts at Drain Daddy can clear any form of clogs in your drains with relative ease. 

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