At Drain Daddy, we will keep your restaurant workers serving clients and not cleaning clogged drains. Our experts will ensure that your drains are in good working condition to enhance the morale of your employees. We aim to maintain the optimal performance and cleanliness standards of your restaurant’s pipes through regular drain cleaning and maintenance. It is common for restaurant drains to get clogs from grease and sludge. If you neglect the maintenance of your pipes for an extended period, the grease could pose a great hazard to your pipes. Wet grease may solidify within the draining pipes making it hard to clean the pipes. 

Periodic maintenance of your restaurant pipes will keep your drain in good working condition. You can avoid clogs, drainage issues, and back up. You should have your drains inspected and cleaned by a professional around four times a year. At Drain Daddy, our maintenance procedures include using a plumbing snake to clean your restaurant pipes. Our experts also use greasing solution to remove all forms of grease from your drains.

If your drains have an unusually high amount of grease, our experts may employ a high-pressure cleaning method known as pipe water jetting. This procedure is effective in shredding the grease and eliminating it from your drains. Your employees and your clients will greatly enjoy the comfort of your restaurant.  

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